Creative design professional with over 17 years of design & management experience in the Licensed Sports industry, with a focus on Major League Baseball & National Hockey League and other properties the likes of Guinness, Coca-Cola and The Augusta Masters.

Current roles

In my previous role as Production and Licensing manager with American Needle I communicated and organized multiple headwear and apparel lines from concept and sample to production into stock.

Parallel with the development and design, I was further responsible for licensing submittal, approval and all lines of communication through out the process.

Prairie Krafts Brewing allowed me to provide creative direction and team building for the development of high-level concepts, campaign strategy and brand guidelines.

About the kid driving the bus

I believe honest creativity and ingenuity are the key to development of any brand or process in any production group to keep things going, new and fresh.

Working in a team environment we all reap the rewards of creativity and open communication.  Leading to a career that allowed me to be a part of and leading development on original and new brands like Red Jacket Apparel, Wright & Ditson Apparel, Afro Wear and my own brand of headwear and apparel Fat Kid Revolution (www.fatkidrevolution.com)


I have worked with both internal and external clients and sales teams. This has enabled me to become a communicator and listener with the ability to understand and absorb group discussion and direction. I enjoy the fast-paced, ever-changing atmosphere of handling multiple projects. I excel at written and verbal communication and strive to ensure that every member of the team is working together and informed at each step of the creative process. My creative vision is my greatest asset; My ability to drive campaigns to fruition, drive work flow that produce results that stand above the rest.


Hey You ! Thanks for stopping in and taking an interest.  Lets do some great work together.

Get on the Bus

Jeremy Ring